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Facebook changes its name to Meta in major rebrand

The social media giant says the new name will better encompass what it does.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 7:22 am(NZT)

Warner leads the way as Australia cruise to victory over Sri Lanka

David Warner hits a fluent 65 as Australia maintain their 100% record at the Men's T20 World Cup with a seven-wicket win over Sri Lanka in Dubai.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 7:09 am(NZT)

Moscow launches fresh restrictions as Covid-19 deaths hit record high in Russia

Tough new Covid-19 restrictions went into effect in Moscow on Thursday, with the Russian capital entering an 11-day paid holiday that authorities hope will help rein in skyrocketing coronavirus cases and deaths across the country.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 29 Oct 2021 | 7:01 am(NZT)

China submits new emissions pledge to UN with modest increase in commitments

China, the world's biggest polluter, has made only a small improvement in its emission-cutting plan formally submitted to the UN on Thursday, just days before the start of a crucial G20 leaders meeting in Rome and climate summit in Glasgow.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 29 Oct 2021 | 6:44 am(NZT)

Biden announces revamped $1.75 trillion social spending plan

The president said that his party was "on board" though the scaled-back plan's fate is uncertain.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 6:22 am(NZT)

England face Northern Ireland at 2022 Women's Euros

England and Northern Ireland are drawn to face each other in the group stage of next year's Women's Euros finals.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 6:16 am(NZT)

Man who escaped Australian prison three decades ago faces deportation — to a country that no longer exists

Yugoslavia dissolved amid years of brutal conflict while he was a fugitive on the other side of the world.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 5:20 am(NZT)

At COP26, climate inequality will meet vaccine inequality

A United Nations summit beginning next week will focus on climate change. But it will be influenced by transformations wrought by another pressing global concern: covid-19.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 5:01 am(NZT)

Why Xavi will be next Barcelona boss - despite president’s uncertainty

Barcelona legend Xavi will be confirmed as the new manager soon, even if club president Joan Laporta does have reservations, writes Guillem Balague

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 4:43 am(NZT)

Covid passes set to stay as Europe heads for winter

There have been protests but much of Europe has accepted the QR codes as a means of extending freedoms.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 4:42 am(NZT)

Dramatic footage shows tornado cut across Texas highway

The twister flung trees and cars into the air and affected 100 homes, officials said.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 4:39 am(NZT)

UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row

A minister says his officials are "urgently" investigating the situation surrounding the detained boat.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 4:20 am(NZT)

30,000 people gather for a climate summit in a pandemic. What could go wrong?

Coronavirus vaccines, testing, strikes and floods are among the many concerns.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 4:04 am(NZT)

The history of meetings between U.S. presidents and pontiffs

Ahead of Biden’s Friday meeting with Pope Francis, here’s a history of pope-president summits.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 4:02 am(NZT)

Mario Draghi, hosting the G-20, has put Italy in enviable shape

With strenuous Green Pass rules in place, Italy has coronavirus case numbers many times lower than those of Britain, where leaders will be traveling next.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 3:46 am(NZT)

China reiterates firm opposition to US-Taiwan military contact in response to CNN interview

The Chinese government on Thursday reiterated its long-standing opposition to any official and military contact between the United States and Taiwan, responding to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's remarks during a CNN exclusive interview.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 29 Oct 2021 | 3:35 am(NZT)

Reports of ‘needle spiking’ in Britain drive young women, students to boycott bars

The Night In boycott comes after 56 reports of spiking by injection were made to police since last month.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 3:22 am(NZT)

Covid: Moscow shops and restaurants shut in partial lockdown

Russia closes non-essential services and sends workers home amid record Covid deaths.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 3:02 am(NZT)

Laos makes Asia's largest ever drug bust

A truck was carrying 55 million amphethamine tablets and over 1.5 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 1:37 am(NZT)

Three decades after the Soviet era, this Moscow street echoes what was. And hints where Russia is heading.

It is where Russians danced in the time of the czars, where Stalin ordered buildings moved, where Western fast food arrived and where dissidents still gather.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 1:16 am(NZT)

Voices from around the world on what’s at stake at COP26

The Washington Post spoke to youth activists, scientists, government leaders and people whose livelihoods are threatened by climate change.

Source: World | 29 Oct 2021 | 1:00 am(NZT)

Your Men's T20 World Cup dream team revealed - which England players got the nod?

We asked you to pick your best side from players on show at the T20 World Cup. The world's top-ranked batter didn't make the cut.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 12:28 am(NZT)

Ali al-Nimr: Saudi child protester who faced death penalty released

Ali al-Nimr, who was arrested when he was 17, was originally sentenced to death by beheading.

Source: BBC News - Home | 29 Oct 2021 | 12:00 am(NZT)

Hundreds of sea turtles wash up dead in Mexico

Scientists think the turtles may have become tangled in abandoned fishing nets and drowned.

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 11:52 pm(NZT)

US issues first gender-neutral 'X' passport

The document has an "X" in the gender box, to show the holder does not identify as male or female.

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 11:45 pm(NZT)

Dinosaur tells UN 'don't choose extinction' as part of new climate campaign

Actor Jack Black voices 'Frankie the Dino' in new climate campaign.

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 11:20 pm(NZT)

Is the Boeing 787 a dream or a nightmare?

Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson once said, "If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small." He wasn't referring to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that his airline operates, but it easily applies.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 28 Oct 2021 | 10:59 pm(NZT)

South Africa's De Kock sorry for not taking knee and says he is not racist

South Africa's Quinton de Kock apologises after refusing to take a knee against West Indies and says he is "not a racist".

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 10:30 pm(NZT)

No Squid Game Halloween costumes, New York schools say

The primary schools have warned parents about the Netflix series' "violent messages".

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 10:21 pm(NZT)

Taiwan's President says threat from China is increasing 'every day,' and confirms presence of US military trainers

The leader of Taiwan, the island thrust into the center of rising tensions between the United States and China, said the threat from Beijing is growing "every day," as for the first time she confirmed the presence of American troops on Taiwanese soil.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 28 Oct 2021 | 9:51 pm(NZT)

Taiwan confirms U.S. military presence, says defending island is vital for democracy

President Tsai Ing-wen’s remarks drew an angry response from Chinese state media, which warned Beijing could resort to force.

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 9:39 pm(NZT)

China limits construction of 'super high-rise buildings'

The decision is being seen as part of a larger bid to crackdown on vanity projects.

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 9:13 pm(NZT)

Helping Chinatown's elderly during the pandemic

A volunteer army is delivering hundreds of meals to elderly East-Asians in New York.

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 8:57 pm(NZT)

Sitting Bull: DNA confirms great-grandson's identity

A sample of the Native American leader's hair confirms the identity of his great-grandson.

Source: BBC News - Home | 28 Oct 2021 | 8:51 pm(NZT)

Frankie the Dinosaur tells world not to ‘choose extinction’ in U.N. video urging climate action

“Driving yourselves extinct? In 70 million years, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” said the computer-generated dinosaur from the podium of the U.N. General Assembly.

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 8:13 pm(NZT)

France seizes British fishing boat, escalating dispute with London

The seizure was announced one day after the French government threatened a number of sanctions against Britain.

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 7:01 pm(NZT)

‘I can’t take this push-up style anymore’: Women in the Arab world embrace a new comfort zone

Across the Arab world, women are flexing their spending muscles and demanding more comfortable alternatives to Victoria’s Secret, La Perla and other offerings

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 7:00 pm(NZT)

Vatican cancels live TV broadcast of Biden greeting pope

The Vatican has abruptly canceled the planned live broadcast of President Joe Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:51 pm(NZT)

Assange lawyer dismisses US promises over extradition

A lawyer defending WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has argued that promises offered by the U.S. government that he would not be subjected to harsh prison conditions if he is extradited to face American justice are not enough to address concerns about his fragile mental health and high risk of suicide

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:49 pm(NZT)

Vaccine reluctance in Eastern Europe brings high COVID cost

Ukraine is suffering through a surge in coronavirus infections and deaths, along with other parts of Eastern Europe

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:41 pm(NZT)

Kids of all ages among migrants in caravan across Mexico

A few thousand migrants have resumed their walk north through southern Mexico, and the chatter of stroller wheels on pavement accompanies the slap of feet

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:38 pm(NZT)

Moscow shuts most workplaces as infections, deaths soar

Moscow city authorities have ordered most people to stay off work for at least 11 days, to stem coronavirus infections as new daily cases and deaths from COVID-19 in Russia surged to all-time highs

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:29 pm(NZT)

Four killed, hundreds wounded in clash with police as radical Islamists move to march on Pakistan’s capital

The violence occurred during a demonstration led by Tehrik-e-Labbaik, which is protesting caricatures of the prophet Muhammad in France.

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:21 pm(NZT)

Covid caused ‘big losses’ for gender equality in Europe, new index says

The index published by the European Institute for Gender Equality includes evidence of the pandemic's negative impact on women in key areas.

Source: World | 28 Oct 2021 | 6:11 pm(NZT)

'The Trump of the tropics' gets a reelection boost

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, is up for reelection and just got an endorsement from former President Donald Trump amid controversy. CNN's Isa Soares reports.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 28 Oct 2021 | 11:53 am(NZT)

This exec was central to banning Trump on Twitter. Now she's facing thorny issues in democracies abroad

Two months after former US President Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017, Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde was asked how she felt about his proposition that he might not have won the White House without the social media platform.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 28 Oct 2021 | 3:10 am(NZT)

Beijing says it's time for companies to pay their overseas debts

Beijing is making one thing clear to the country's embattled property developers: Pay your debts. All of them.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 27 Oct 2021 | 10:53 pm(NZT)

Top U.S. general calls China’s hypersonic weapon test very close to a ‘Sputnik moment’

Gen. Mark Milley said the test was "very concerning" to the U.S. military, in a Bloomberg Television interview.

Source: World | 27 Oct 2021 | 9:53 pm(NZT)

2% of Elon Musk's wealth could solve world hunger, says UN official

A small group of ultra-wealthy individuals could help solve world hunger with just a fraction of their net worth, says the director of the United Nations' World Food Programme.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 27 Oct 2021 | 9:10 am(NZT)

2 million Brits get a raise as minimum wage jumps to $13 an hour

Up to 2 million UK workers will be getting bigger paychecks starting in April following a hike to the minimum wage.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 27 Oct 2021 | 3:03 am(NZT)

Michael Jordan's sneakers sell for record-breaking $1.47M

A pair of Nike Air Ships sneakers worn by Michael Jordan have sold for a record-breaking $1.47 million (£1.07 million) at auction.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 26 Oct 2021 | 1:18 am(NZT)

Historic music venue to re-open in London after $100 million revamp

Historic London music venue KOKO, where the likes of Madonna, Prince, Amy Winehouse and Coldplay have performed, will re-open next spring following a $100 million revamp.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 22 Oct 2021 | 11:28 pm(NZT)

Denis Villeneuve on why he cast Timothée Chalamet in 'Dune'

"I know you," murmurs Paul, the young protagonist of Denis Villeneuve's "Dune." He's referring to a beautiful woman who has wandered in his unconscious, all windswept hair and piercing gaze, halfway between dream and perfume advert. Now she stands before him, flesh and blood; a vision no more. Yet she's flintier than anticipated, brusquer than the fantasy. Expectation, meet reality.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 22 Oct 2021 | 10:08 pm(NZT)

The South Korean artist who spent three decades on a single painting

It was the late 1980s when South Korean artist Myonghi Kang began work on her painting "Le temps des camélias" ("The Time of Camellias"). Living in Paris' 19th arrondissement at the time, she would periodically revisit the then-vertical canvas to add strokes of color or floral forms.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 22 Oct 2021 | 2:09 pm(NZT)

Emma Raducanu is the new face of Dior

Emma Raducanu has been named a Dior ambassador just over a month after winning the women's singles title at the 2021 US Open.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 20 Oct 2021 | 4:53 am(NZT)

Inside the Waldorf Astoria's $1 billion makeover

This month marks 90 years since the Waldorf Astoria first opened its doors on New York's Park Avenue in 1931, becoming the tallest and largest luxury hotel in the world during an inauspicious time, as the Great Depression cast its long shadow.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 4 Oct 2021 | 10:29 pm(NZT)

US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters

If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 19 Sep 2019 | 4:44 am(NZT)

Miami's Little Haiti wasn't a target for developers. Until the seas started to rise

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 13 Jul 2019 | 3:14 am(NZT)

How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis

Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | 12 Jul 2019 | 9:20 pm(NZT)

Attacked, rejected and harassed: Asians around the world speak out on workplace discrimination

Source: CNN.com - RSS Channel - World | (NZT)


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