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Russian telecom operator launches lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter

On January 18 this year the watchdog  said that it had received a reply from both Facebook and Twitter and promised to announce its further actions on January 21.

Source: Zee News :World | 22 Jan 2019 | 1:43 am

US calls on Russia to destroy new missile system

 The United States increasingly finds that Russia cannot be trusted to comply with its arms control obligations and that its coercive and malign actions around the globe have increased tensions.

Source: Zee News :World | 22 Jan 2019 | 1:19 am

Kremlin plays down prospects for speedy peace deal with Japan

Shinzo Abe is making a push to end a dispute over islands captured by Soviet troops in the last days of World War Two that has prevented the countries signing a peace treaty.

Source: Zee News :World | 22 Jan 2019 | 12:06 am

Israel opens new airport to boost Eilat tourism, provide wartime back-up

The airport named after an Israeli astronaut lost in 2003 space shuttle disaster and his son, died in 2009 air force accident.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 11:46 pm

Imran Khan to embark on 2-day Qatar visit

Imran Khan was expected to hold meetings with the Qatari Emir and Prime Minister to discuss matters of mutual interest.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 10:07 pm

Tulsi Gabbard doesn't regret 2017 meeting with Assad

Gabbard also drew a comparison between her meeting with Assad to President Donald Trump`s summit with North Korean leader Kim-Jong un in 2018.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 9:48 pm

British PM May tries to break Brexit deadlock by winning more EU concessions

After her Brexit divorce deal was rejected by 402 lawmakers in the 650-seat parliament last week, May has been searching for a way to get a deal through parliament.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 9:23 pm

Talks seeking to end Los Angeles teachers strike enter 4th day

In demand of a higher pay, More than 30,000 teachers walked off the job last Monday in their first strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District in three decades.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 7:28 pm

Second Trump-Kim summit likely to be held in Vietnam

The White House announced on Friday that the second Trump-Kim summit will take place "near the end of February" but did not say where it will be held.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 6:34 pm

Mexico pipeline blast toll reaches 85

The number rose from 79 earlier on Sunday after six more deaths were recorded, said Minister of Public Health Jorge Alcocer.

Source: Zee News :World | 21 Jan 2019 | 6:17 pm


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