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Mazda CX-5: Sleeker Styling, Sharper Steering ... And A Hit With The Ladies

Mazda’s most important crossover gets a stylish new chrome grille, sleeker headlights and slimmer taillights, a fresh new interior, sharper steering and a more vivid interpretation of the company’s signature ‘soul red’ paint.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 10:04 pm(NZT)

Carlos Ghosn Hands Over The Rudder, Becomes Admired Admiral

Saikawa in as Nissan CEO, Ghosn not out as chairman of Nissan, and a few more

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 10:00 pm(NZT)

Why The China Country Manager Gets No Love From Its Head Office

Head offices can be fickle regarding China. They can begin with bold public pronouncements about their commitment to the market. But if numbers soften, the head office softens as well. How can we anticipate and counter this China disillusion and ensure China country heads get the love they need?

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 9:55 pm(NZT)

Microsoft Puts 'Teams' Chat-Based Workspace Inside Office 365

Collaboration is becoming more complex, more connected and (some might argue) more convoluted. What collaboration is definitely becoming is more custom-tuned and 'composable'. Microsoft is currently in preview with Teams. This is a chat-based workspace designed to operate inside Office 365.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 9:31 pm(NZT)

Why Asia's Entrepreneurial Space Sector Deserves Its Very Own Spotlight

How Asian governments advance humanity’s infrastructure in outer space demands attention as never before.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 8:44 pm(NZT)

Do We Have An Obligation To Stop Driving Cars?

The latest advances in data processing enable assisted or even autonomous driving. However, the big question is whether it should be our obligation to give up driving completely - not only in the interest of convenience but to save thousands of lives each year.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 8:16 pm(NZT)

Single Malt Scotch Whisky Hits $1.25 Billion Export Record

Single malt accounted for 25% of the total value of Scotch whisky exports, which have risen for the first time in three years.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 7:54 pm(NZT)

Content Marketing Myths That Businesses Need To Stop Believing

There is a lot of bad information out there when it comes to content marketing. But when armed with the right expectations, you should be able to avoid the heartbreak of chasing a dream based on a commonly held myth.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 7:20 pm(NZT)

The George Ziets Interview Part 1: Writing For Video Games, The Writer's Job

In the first of a four-part series, George Ziets, the Lead Area Designer for InXile's 'Torment: Tides of Numenera', talks about how a video game writer contributes to game development.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:59 pm(NZT)

How 'La La Land' Takes The Bollywood Staples Of Song & Dance To Perfection

The energetic combination of song and dance in La La Land remind us all of the crowd-pleasing power of Bollywood.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:57 pm(NZT)

How To Turn Your Freelance Clients Into Your Brand Advocates

Ninety-two percent of consumers trust recommendations from others, even people they don’t know, over businesses.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:47 pm(NZT)

These Photos Of Record Snowfall At Mammoth Mountain Will Make You Grab Skis And Fly To California

California's Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort is having one of its best seasons on record

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:41 pm(NZT)

Roy Jones Jr. Wants To Fight Anderson Silva On The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Conor McGregor Undercard

Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva is an even crazier idea than Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, but people would watch.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:39 pm(NZT)

Taking Trump's Measure On Trade

The President called NAFTA a “disaster.” But neither he nor his advisers have been very specific about what, specifically, they object to in such agreements ...That means that any new policy initiative that would change the measure of trade deficits seems highly relevant.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:35 pm(NZT)

Commoditization Of The Wireless Industry: A Tremendous Challenge For Carriers--And An Opportunity?

Telecom operators have saturated markets, and technologies like the smartphone have exponentially increased demand for wireless data. Only by choosing a strategy that plays to their strongest, most distinctive capabilities can operators hope to grow in this environment.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 6:05 pm(NZT)

Jimmy Garoppolo Is The Smartest QB Investment NFL Teams Can Make This Offseason

In a league where quarterback play gets coaches fired or promoted, every penny counts. For my money, I'd take a risk on Garoppolo and bank on his experience with Brady and Belichick.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 5:46 pm(NZT)

'Suits' Season 6 Episode 15 Recap: 'Quid Pro Quo'

Tonight, the groundwork was laid for the future on Suits.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 5:00 pm(NZT)

Mapping Global Happiness In 2016 Through A Quarter Billion News Articles

How the power of the cloud makes it possible to sentiment mine, machine translate, geocode and map a quarter billion news articles to map global happiness in 2016 as seen through the eyes of the world’s press

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 4:58 pm(NZT)

Job Search Going Nowhere? Here Are Ten Ideas To Try

Is your job search going nowhere? Here are ten ways to get it moving again!

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 4:44 pm(NZT)

Texas High School Wrestler's Case Shows Ridiculousness Of Anti-Transgender Rules

Mack Beggs is the unwitting center of a debate over whether athletes should compete against those with whom they identify, or the gender on their birth certificate.

Source: Forbes Real Time | 23 Feb 2017 | 4:27 pm(NZT)

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