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Salisbury attack: Russian TV's claims about poisoning

What happened in Salisbury has been disputed by Russian journalists.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 12:00 pm(NZT)

'The largest foreign bribery case in history'

Brazil's Odebrecht scandal is one of the biggest corporate corruption cases in history.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:55 am(NZT)

How a faecal transplant could save your life

Patient's lives are being saved by poo, but how far can microbial medicine go?

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:54 am(NZT)

Crossing Divides: Why it's good to have friends who aren't 'just like us'

Why mixing only with people who are similar to us means we could be missing out.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:53 am(NZT)

Nicaraguan authorities call for peace after deadly protests

President Ortega says he is ready to review pension reforms and invites the opposition for talks.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:49 am(NZT)

Iran vows 'expected and unexpected' moves if U.S. exits nuclear deal

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday Iran's atomic agency was ready with "expected and unexpected" reactions if the United States pulls out of a multinational nuclear deal, as U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to do.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:37 am(NZT)

The vetting files: How the BBC kept out ‘subversives’

For decades the BBC denied job applicants were vetted by MI5 - but vetting continued at the corporation until the 1990s.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:36 am(NZT)

North Korea says will stop nuclear tests, scrap test site

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said on Saturday it would immediately suspend nuclear and missile tests, scrap its nuclear test site and instead pursue economic growth and peace, ahead of planned summits with South Korea and the United States.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:35 am(NZT)

The master blender who is Scotch whisky's First Lady

Rachel Barrie is a rarity in the world of Scotch whisky - a female master blender.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:35 am(NZT)

Nasa engineer: Three facts about landing on Mars

A Nasa flight analyst explains three things you need to know about going to Mars.

Source: BBC News - Home | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:29 am(NZT)

Barbara Bush remembered for her dignity and wit at Houston funeral

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Former first lady Barbara Bush was remembered at her funeral on Saturday as a formidable but caring figure whose devotion to her family was matched only by her commitment to public service.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 11:18 am(NZT)

U.S. Treasury chief may visit China as trade tensions simmer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Saturday he may travel to China, a move that could ease tensions between the world's two largest economies, as international policymakers acknowledged Beijing needs to change its trade practices.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 9:46 am(NZT)

Saudi Arabia Says Toy Drone Shot Down in Capital Riyadh

The state news agency says security forces shot down a toy drone flying in an unauthorized space on Saturday.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 9:23 am(NZT)

Turkey's Erdogan says U.S. should look at its own actions if it wants jailed pastor freed

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - President Tayyip Erdogan said the United States should look at its own actions if it wants the return of an American Christian pastor who has been jailed in Turkey for suspected links to a 2016 failed coup.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 7:34 am(NZT)

Inspectors Examine Site of Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria

After repeated delays, international inspectors from the OPCW reached the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack near Damascus on Saturday.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 6:39 am(NZT)

Cannabis Flowers Are Legal in Italy. You Just Can’t Eat or Smoke Them.

The new cannabis product has created a booming but unregulated economy in Italy. Is it a bubble waiting to be burst?

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 6:06 am(NZT)

The Interpreter: Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match

False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 4:29 am(NZT)

U.S. regulator permits China's ZTE to submit more evidence

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Commerce Department has granted ZTE Corp's request to submit more evidence after the agency banned American companies from selling to the Chinese technology firm, a senior Commerce official said on Saturday.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 4:03 am(NZT)

Cubans Doubt a Change at the Top Will Bring Change at the Bottom

On the streets of Havana, the passing of power out of the hands of the Castro family was met with a collective sense of apathy.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 4:00 am(NZT)

No Handshake, No Citizenship, French Court Tells Algerian Woman

A court has ruled an Algerian woman’s refusal to shake hands with male officials at a naturalization ceremony was grounds for denying her citizenship.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 3:59 am(NZT)

Democrats sue Russia, Trump campaign for alleged 2016 election conspiracy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Democratic Party sued the Russian government, U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign and WikiLeaks on Friday, charging that they carried out a wide-ranging conspiracy to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 3:45 am(NZT)

Syrian rebels withdraw from enclave northeast of Damascus

BEIRUT/AMMAN (Reuters) - Syrian rebels began withdrawing from an enclave northeast of Damascus on Saturday and will go to northern Syria, state TV and a rebel official said, in a surrender agreement that marks another victory for President Bashar al-Assad.

Source: Reuters: Top News | 22 Apr 2018 | 3:42 am(NZT)

News Analysis: Will Kim Jong-un Trade His Nuclear Arsenal to Rebuild Economy?

North Korea’s leader has made economic growth the nation’s new top priority. But he appears intent on entering talks as an established nuclear power.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 3:42 am(NZT)

Could the U.K. Vote Again on Brexit? The Prospects Are Rising

No fewer than nine groups have come together to work for a “people’s vote” on whatever deal the government negotiates with the E.U.

Source: NYT > World | 22 Apr 2018 | 2:04 am(NZT)

Natalie Portman says she won’t endorse Netanyahu but she won’t boycott Israel either

JERUSALEM — It didn’t take long for Natalie Portman to find herself in the crosshairs of the emotive Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Almost as soon it was announced Thursday that the Hollywood actress had canceled her participation in the upcoming Genesis Prize awards ceremony in Jerusalem because of “distress at recent events in Israel,” she was simultaneously hailed […]

Source: WorldViews | 21 Apr 2018 | 9:23 pm(NZT)

Commonwealth backs Prince Charles as its next leader

LONDON — World leaders backed Prince Charles on Friday to one day succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as head of the Commonwealth. Prince Charles, 69, the queen’s eldest son and heir to the throne, was considered the hot favorite for the role as leader of the Commonwealth, a global network of 53 nations that […]

Source: WorldViews | 21 Apr 2018 | 6:46 am(NZT)

Natalie Portman pulls out of Jerusalem ceremony over recent events in Israel

JERUSALEM — Natalie Portman has pulled out of a ceremony in Jerusalem honoring her as the recipient of a $2 million prize, dubbed by some as the “Jewish Nobel,” the organization said Thursday. The Genesis Prize Foundation, which annually honors individuals for “Jewish achievement and contributions to humanity,” announced in November that Portman, known for […]

Source: WorldViews | 21 Apr 2018 | 6:25 am(NZT)

Where are the Castro kids? The next generation of the Cuban dynasty lies low.

This week, Cuba entered a new, post-Castro era. For 60 years, the country had been directly led by two members of one family. First, there was Fidel Castro, a charismatic but often ruthless revolutionary who was prime minister between 1959 and 1986 and then president until 2008. After Fidel stepped down, his younger brother and […]

Source: WorldViews | 21 Apr 2018 | 5:38 am(NZT)

Why Mongolia hopes to host a Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting

President Trump says there are five locations being considered for his anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. There are slightly surreal possibilities: Trump might go to Pyongyang, or Kim could come to the United States — perhaps even skip Washington and head to Florida's Mar-a-Lago or New York's Trump Tower. In reality, […]

Source: WorldViews | 21 Apr 2018 | 2:43 am(NZT)

An unexploded WWII bomb forced a mass evacuation in Berlin. There will be more to come.

BERLIN — Other countries may have hurricanes, blizzards or flooding that regularly shut down major transport hubs. Germany, meanwhile, is still dealing with the legacy of a war the country launched itself: thousands of unexploded bombs, hidden beneath one of Europe’s busiest cities in a nation now at peace. Germany’s main railway station in Berlin was forced to shut […]

Source: WorldViews | 21 Apr 2018 | 1:31 am(NZT)

King Mswati III of Swaziland proclaims his nation will be henceforth known as eSwatini

NAIROBI — King Mswati III of Swaziland is an absolute monarch, so what he says goes. But over the course of his 32-year rule, he has mostly gained international attention for how he has spent the royal treasury. While his populace is one of the poorest in the world, and has the highest rate of […]

Source: WorldViews | 20 Apr 2018 | 9:55 pm(NZT)

The threat of white radical extremism in the age of Trump

Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for the Today's WorldView newsletter. Just weeks before President Trump won the 2016 election, three white men in Kansas were arrested for fomenting a terror plot. Patrick Stein, 49, Curtis […]

Source: WorldViews | 20 Apr 2018 | 4:59 pm(NZT)


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