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ABC's independence is our most precious asset: Morris

The current furore raises important questions about what our independence means, but ABC's editorial management will always protect it, writes ABC Director of News Gaven Morris.

Source: ABC News | 26 Sep 2018 | 8:28 pm

Outback town's only general store destroyed by fire

A ferocious blaze burns down the historic general store in Ilfracombe, in central west Queensland — the only place you could buy fuel, groceries and coffee in the outback town. Locals say it's a huge loss.

Source: ABC News | 26 Sep 2018 | 7:23 pm

New labelling system aims to take the confusion out of recycling

Many products come in plastic or cardboard packets, and Australians diligently try to recycle them, but figuring out what goes in which bin can be complicated. In an attempt to make the process easier, a new, nationally consistent label has been developed.

Source: ABC News | 26 Sep 2018 | 4:05 pm

Orange turns purple: Australian scientists solve fruit mystery

An Australian woman asked for an investigation after her son ate fruit that later changed colour.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 26 Sep 2018 | 3:29 pm

Mike Hall: UK cyclist died instantly in race collision, inquest told

Mike Hall was hit by a car during a "Hunger Games on wheels" race across Australia, an inquest hears.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 25 Sep 2018 | 7:07 pm

Reality Check: The worst place to be stranded at sea?

Abhilash Tomy was rescued 2,000 miles from land, but is there a worse place to have an accident at sea?

Source: BBC News - Australia | 25 Sep 2018 | 11:50 am

Moeen Ali 'Osama' investigation closed by Cricket Australia

An investigation into a claim that England all-rounder Moeen Ali was called 'Osama' by an Australia player in the 2015 Ashes is closed.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 24 Sep 2018 | 9:00 pm

Inskip Point: Section of Australian beach collapses into sea

The sudden landslip swallowed an area up to 300m (1,000 feet) wide, officials say.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 24 Sep 2018 | 8:04 pm

Pilot error blamed in deadly plane crash

Five people died when the small plane struck a shopping centre last year.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 24 Sep 2018 | 3:37 pm

Australian strawberries: Why would someone hide a needle in fruit?

Criminologists explore a food safety scare in Australia, and what could be motivating copycats.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 24 Sep 2018 | 3:42 am

Australia fruit scare: Needles found in strawberries in New Zealand

The Australian scare over strawberries spreads as needles are found in fruit exported to New Zealand.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 23 Sep 2018 | 9:18 pm

David Warner & Steve Smith: Banned duo make club cricket return in Australia

David Warner scores a match-winning century and Steve Smith makes 85 as the banned duo return to competitive cricket in Australia.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 22 Sep 2018 | 10:20 pm

James Ricketson: Jailed Australian filmmaker pardoned in Cambodia

James Ricketson is granted a royal pardon after he was jailed in Cambodia on spying charges.

Source: BBC News - Australia | 22 Sep 2018 | 4:25 am

Surfers Ride Waves Along Florida Coast Ahead of Alberto

Subtropical Storm Alberto was due to make landfall along the Florida panhandle on Monday, May 28, but the storm was weakening as it approached land. With a maximum wind speed of 50 miles per hour, Alberto was expected to come ashore in Destin, Florida, in the afternoon, a news report said. Some tropical storm warnings in Alabama had been canceled as the storm approached the mainland. Rough conditions didn’t stop surfers in Navarre, Florida, near Pensacola, from hitting the waves Monday as the storm approached. Credit: Moona Joyner via Storyful

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Daughter of ambulance worker shares story about father’s suicide (ABC Q&A)

Kim, an audience member on the ABC’s Q&A program, told the panel on Monday night that her father Tony had recently taken his own life and how she feels like the system didn't do enough to help. CREDIT: ABC/Q&A

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

RUSH HOUR: Hugging illusion baffles internet

Live: Rush Hour

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Rainbow Shines Over Panama City Beach Before Alberto’s Arrival

A rainbow appeared across the sky as Subtropical Storm Alberto approached Panama City Beach, Florida, on Monday, May 28. The storm was still about 50 miles southwest of the city on Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service. Tropical storm warnings had been issued across the Gulf Coast ahead of the storm. Heavy rain was expected in Florida, Alabama and Georgia on Monday with the possibility of a storm surge along the coast, according to the National Hurricane Center. Tornadoes and waterspouts were also possible. Credit: Woody Thornton via Storyful

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Energy policy sets Coalition back in latest Newspoll

The latest Newspoll has revealed more voters trust Labor to deliver lower power prices and secure supply than the Coalition. The poll shows 39 per cent trust Labor, 37 per cent back the coalition, while 24 per cent remain uncommitted to keep prices down and secure supply, the Newspoll conducted for The Australian showed. It comes as the federal government has pushed its NEG while facing mutiny in the partyroom over coal-fired power stations, such as Liddell.

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Nationals hail shock Senate recruit in Tasmania

The Nationals have hailed a shock Senate recruit in Tasmania. Steve Martin has joined the party, three months after replacing his one-time party leader Jacqui Lambie after dual citizenship forced her to resign. The move marks a boost for the government's numbers in the upper house. Meanwhile, the Tasmanian Liberals will reportedly refuse to let the new National share their Senate ticket.

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Man charged for allegedly murdering neighbour with a hammer

A man has been charged with murder in Adelaide after allegedly beating his 74-year-old neighbour to death with a hammer. It is alleged the attack on Dion Hewitt occurred inside his Flinders Park home. His 33-year-old neighbour has been charged and is due to face court today.

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Superannuation industry exposed in landmark report

A report by the Productivity Commission has found Australians are losing $2.6 billion a year in fees and insurance premiums on extra superannuation accounts. The landmark inquiry into the super industry has found a third of accounts are unintended multiple accounts. The commission wants people to only be placed in a default fund when they enter the workforce and for Australians to be given a ‘best in show’ list of 10 high-performing funds identified by an independent expert panel.

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Neighbour charged after ‘hammer’ attack

A MAN has been charged with murder after allegedly killing his neighbour during a violent attack in Flinders Park.

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

Killer laughs before pleading guilty

A FORMER Bandidos bikie has been convicted of murder for a second time after he admitted killing Gold Coast father Greg Dufty.

Source: AAP National | — Australia’s #1 news site |

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