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UK authorizes emergency use of Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech win permission for emergency use of their COVID-19 vaccine in Britain, the world's first shot backed by rigorous science.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 3 Dec 2020 | 7:24 am

Lab-grown 'chicken bites'? Cultured meat product gets world's first regulatory approval

The world's first lab-grown meat product to get regulatory approval is a "chicken bite" to be served in restaurants in Singapore.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 3 Dec 2020 | 5:38 am

Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who slammed Trump, becomes the first African American cardinal

Wilton Gregory would become the first Black U.S. prelate to earn the coveted red cap.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 2 Dec 2020 | 9:31 am

Denmark to dig up dead minks with mutated novel coronavirus after some 'rise from graves'

Government officials in Denmark plan to dig up minks which appeared to have "risen from the dead" after causing a frenzy in the nation.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 2 Dec 2020 | 8:01 am

This 90-foot bridge was made for animals to safely cross a busy highway in India

The elevated eco-bridge is for reptiles and other animals that live in surrounding forest — from lizards or pythons, to monkeys and possibly leopards.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 2 Dec 2020 | 6:21 am

Jared Kushner heads to Middle East amid tensions over Iranian nuclear scientist's killing

Jared Kushner's visit focusing on Saudi Arabia and Qatar comes days after the targeted killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, an Iranian nuclear scientist.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 1 Dec 2020 | 9:05 am

Iran vows revenge for assassination of scientist credited with masterminding past covert nuclear weapons program

Israel alleged Mohsen Fakhrizadeh led a military program examining the feasibility of building a nuclear weapon in Iran.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 30 Nov 2020 | 9:42 am

Pentagon orders Nimitz back to Persian Gulf during troop drawdown in Iraq, Afghanistan

President Trump has directed the drawdown of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Pentagon felt it 'prudent' to have the USS Nimitz in the area.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 28 Nov 2020 | 8:00 pm

160 RI National Guard soldiers welcomed home from overseas

This Thanksgiving homecoming had to be more a military operation than a romantic Hallmark movie.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 28 Nov 2020 | 2:32 pm

Dead minks infected with a mutated form of COVID-19 rise from graves after mass culling

Minks infected with a mutated strain of COVID-19 in Denmark have "risen" from the dead, igniting a national frenzy and calls to cremate carcasses.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 27 Nov 2020 | 6:40 am

World mourns soccer superstar Diego Maradona

The Argentine soccer great led his country to the 1986 World Cup title before later struggling with cocaine use and obesity. He was 60.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 26 Nov 2020 | 2:34 pm

Ethiopian refugees flee country to avoid fighting in Tigray province

The ongoing conflict is reported to have killed hundreds of people and forced thousands more to flee into neighboring Sudan.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 26 Nov 2020 | 9:03 am

Nearly a hundred whales found dead off remote New Zealand island

An estimated 100 whales have died after being stranded in the remote Chatham Islands, off the coast of New Zealand.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 26 Nov 2020 | 6:22 am

No lockdowns, no downturn: Taiwan attracts skilled expats with (mostly) COVID-19-free life

Taiwan has registered just 607 coronavirus cases this year and seven related deaths. Florida has a slightly smaller population but has recorded more than 897,000 cases and 17,600 deaths.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 25 Nov 2020 | 5:25 am

Even Trump's fiercest critics say he may have gotten some world affairs right

Some experts, ex-diplomats and even President Donald Trump's opponents concede his overseas initiatives have produced limited, qualified successes.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 25 Nov 2020 | 4:19 am

Biden signals sharp pivot from Trump's unconventional foreign policy with pick of insider Antony Blinken

The president-elect already knows many of the players on the world stage – from Vladimir Putin to Angela Merkel to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 24 Nov 2020 | 9:55 am

Vatican investigating pope 'liking' suggestive photo of Brazilian model on Instagram

The photo was captioned with a devil horn emoji, along with the suggestive line, "I can teach you a thing or two."

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 21 Nov 2020 | 2:27 am

Photos show aftermath of the Beirut blast

A massive explosion shook Lebanon's capital Beirut on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020 wounding a number people and causing widespread damage.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 14 Aug 2020 | 11:37 am

Reparations bill gets new attention amid BLM. Could other nations provide a blueprint?

Reparations for historical crimes and injustices such as slavery and genocide have been made in other countries. Will the USA join the list?

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 17 Jul 2020 | 3:22 am

'I'm leaving, and I'm just not coming back': Fed up with racism, Black Americans head overseas

Saying they feel cornered and powerless in the face of persistent racial and economic struggles in the USA, some Black Americans decide to settle abroad.

Source: GANNETT Syndication Service | 2 Jul 2020 | 10:47 am


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