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Early Photos From the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria (28 photos)

In the early morning today, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck near the Turkish city of Gaziantep, collapsing thousands of buildings across southern Turkey and northwestern Syria. The quake was followed by numerous powerful aftershocks, and—nine hours later—a separate 7.5-magnitude earthquake nearby. Initial reports say that more than 2,100 people were killed in the region, and authorities say they expect that number to rise over the next few days.

Dozens of people stand in a loose line atop the rubble of a collapsed building, passing an injured person down.
A person is rescued from the wreckage of a building during search-and-rescue efforts in Adana, Turkey, on February 6, 2023. ( Eren Bozkurt / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 7 Feb 2023 | 4:50 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Salmon Blessing, Masquerade Games, Polar Night (35 photos)

A figure-skating championship in Finland, a rugby tournament in Afghanistan, the Magh Mela festival in India, a soldier’s funeral in Ukraine, an ice storm in Texas, a winding river in Brazil, a luge championship in Germany, and much more

A comet against a backdrop of stars. The comet looks like a bright, greenish smudge with two different "tails."
A green comet named C/2022 E3 (ZTF), which last passed by our planet about 50,000 years ago and is expected to be most visible to stargazers this week, is seen tens of millions of miles away from Earth in this telescope image made in January 2023. ( Dan Bartlett / Reuters)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 3 Feb 2023 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

The Up Helly Aa Viking Fire Festival (18 photos)

In Scotland's Shetland Islands, a fire festival named Up Helly Aa takes place every January to mark the end of the yule season. The festival has been on hold for the past two years due to COVID-19 restrictions but was held again this year. Local participants, called guizers, celebrate their Norse heritage by dressing in Viking gear and marching through the town of Lerwick with battle axes and torches, dragging a ceremonial Viking longboat with them. At the end of the procession, the guizers hurl their flaming torches onto the longboat and set it ablaze. Gathered below are images from several Up Helly Aa processions over the past 20 years.

A Viking ship decorated with the head of a dragon is engulfed in flames.
A Viking longboat burns during the annual Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, on January 28, 2014. ( Andy Buchanan / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 2 Feb 2023 | 8:14 am(NZT)

The Snow Monkeys of Nagano (20 photos)

Approximately 150 Japanese macaques live in the mountain valleys of the Jigokudani Yaen-koen monkey park in Yamanouchi, Nagano prefecture, Japan. Also called snow monkeys, the wild macaques are well known for spending their winter months keeping warm and relaxing in the waters of a natural hot spring. For years, the park has been a top destination for tourists, and its popularity is now rebounding as Japan has relaxed some of its COVID-19 restrictions.

Several furry monkeys huddle together for warmth.
Japanese macaques huddle together at the Jigokudani Yaen-koen monkey park in Yamanouchi, Nagano, Japan, on January 28, 2023. ( Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 31 Jan 2023 | 7:33 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Firefly Forest, Husky Club, Turnip Toss (35 photos)

Frustration at the Australian Open, a light show in London, Republic Day parade rehearsals in India, a rugby match in New Zealand, snow cover in Yosemite Valley, alpine skiing in Austria, anti-government protests in Peru, a snowy football game in New York, and much more

A model walks in a fashion show, wearing a stiff upside-down dress.
A model walks the runway during the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 25, 2023, in Paris, France. ( Peter White / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 27 Jan 2023 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

Winners of the 2022 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest (21 photos)

Judging for the 11th annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, has wrapped up, and the winning images and photographers have been announced. The photographer Kat Zhou won Best in Show for an image of a mother octopus with a clutch of eggs. The organizers of the contest have shared some of the winners and honorable mentions, shown below, from 14 categories. Captions were written by the individual photographers and have been lightly edited for clarity.

An underwater photograph of the underside of a swimming newt
Jaws. 2nd Place, Cold Water. A great crested newt, seen from below, swims in a pond in the Department of Gard in southeastern France. (© Copyright Yannick Gouguenheim / Ocean Art)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 26 Jan 2023 | 7:38 am(NZT)

2023 Lunar New Year Celebrations (25 photos)

Yesterday was the first day of the Lunar New Year 2023, the Year of the Rabbit. People around the world ushered in the new year with displays of fireworks, family get-togethers, temple visits, and street festivals. Collected below are images from several countries where revelers welcomed the Year of the Rabbit.

A crowd gathers in a street watching performers move a large dragon puppet around.
People march through a street during celebrations on the first day of the Lunar New Year in London, England, on January 22, 2023. ( Toby Melville / Reuters)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 24 Jan 2023 | 7:58 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Epiphany Dips, Pet Blessings, Chicken Feet (35 photos)

A theater festival in Chile, horses leaping through flames in Spain, a Russian missile strike in Ukraine, flooding in Germany, surfing in Hawaii, a green field in Saudi Arabia, flamingos at a sanctuary in Turkey, and much more

A large inflatable ballon figure shaped like a person hangs over the side of a building, appearing to paint polka dots on the facade.
A large inflatable mannequin depicts Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama decorating the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton's flagship store on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris, France, on January 13, 2023. ( Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 20 Jan 2023 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

People’s Choice: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022 (15 photos)

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is inviting the public to vote for their favorite image selected from a group of short-listed entries in this year’s competition. Voting for the People’s Choice Award is open until February 2, 2023. Contest organizers have once again shared a handful of this year’s candidates below—be sure to click through to the competition’s site to see the rest. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is developed and produced by the Natural History Museum in London. Captions are provided by the photographers and WPY organizers, and are lightly edited for style.

A young polar bear pokes its head up above a field of purple flowers.
Among the Flowers. Martin Gregus watched this polar-bear cub playing in a mass of fireweed on the coast of Hudson Bay, Canada. Every so often, the cub would take a break from its fun, stand on its hind legs, and poke its head up above the high flowers to look for its mother. (© Copyright Martin Gregus / Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 18 Jan 2023 | 7:20 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Arabian Oryx, Siberian Tigers, Flying Squid (35 photos)

Dogsledding in the dark in Svalbard, a trout-catching contest in South Korea, lava in Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, tornado damage in Alabama, heavy rain and floods in California, Orthodox Christmas celebrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an invasion of Brazil’s Congress by pro-Bolsonaro protesters in Brasilia, and much more

Two goats stand side by side among shrubs.
Cashmere goats graze on foliage as they wander through brush above the beach in Bournemouth, England, on January 9, 2023. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council began a goat-grazing scheme in 2020 on the East Cliff, overlooking Bournemouth beach. The aim is to encourage British feral goats to manage vegetation along the cliff tops naturally. Grazing by livestock is seen as the only long-term and viable solution for cliff management. ( Finnbarr Webster / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 13 Jan 2023 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

Despite Protests, a German Coal Mine Expands (27 photos)

The small village of Luetzerath, in western Germany, will soon disappear as the nearby Garzweiler open-pit coal mine expands. Climate activists have occupied parts of the village for nearly two years, staging protests against the expansion of the enormous mine and increased fossil-fuel use. A court recently rejected a last-ditch legal effort to halt the destruction of Luetzerath, and this week, police officers were authorized to move in and begin evicting demonstrators. Today, several hundred protesters climbed onto roofs and into treetops, staging a sit-in protest, as police began removing them from the village.

A person sits in a hammock suspended high above the ground from ropes and logs as a large group of riot police gather below.
Police officers stand guard near an activist in a hammock suspended from a structure during a demonstration in Luetzerath, Germany, a village that is about to be demolished to allow for the expansion of the Garzweiler open-cast coal mine, on January 10, 2023. ( Thilo Schmuelgen / Reuters)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 12 Jan 2023 | 8:00 am(NZT)

Winners of the 2022 Close-Up Photographer of the Year (21 photos)

The fourth year of the Close-up Photographer of the Year competition has just come to a close, and the winners have been announced. The contest “celebrates close-up, macro, and micro photography,” among 11 separate categories. More than 9,000 entries were received from 54 countries this year. Contest organizers have once more been kind enough to share some of the winners and finalists with us below.

A close view of two small salamanders floating in fluid inside a pitcher plant, surrounded by colorful leaves.
Nature’s Pitfall
. Winner, Animals, and Overall Winner. Two juvenile spotted salamanders are trapped inside a carnivorous northern pitcher plant in xAlgonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. (© Copyright Samantha Stephens /

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 10 Jan 2023 | 6:42 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Snow Cannons, Ski Jumping, Light Pillars (35 photos)

New-year celebrations around the world, the 2023 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, heavy rain and flooding in California, an ice festival in China, a traditional Epiphany parade in Spain, an inflatable dinosaur in Chile, a tiny toad at the London Zoo, and much more

Several people stand together wearing large bearskin costumes.
A reveler wearing a bearskin costume poses during the Bearskin Parade in Comanesti, Romania, on December 30, 2022. More than 200 "bears" and dozens of musicians, surrounded by police and tourists, took part in the year-end event. Young men and women dressed in real bearskin and traditional costumes paraded to chase away the evil spirits of the coming year. ( Daniel Mihailescu / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 6 Jan 2023 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

A Visit to the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (23 photos)

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands is a territory spread across multiple islands and island groups in the southern Indian Ocean. Patrick Hertzog, a photographer with AFP, recently visited several of its subantarctic districts aboard the research-and-supply vessel Marion Dufresne. These islands are home to many penguins, seals, and seabirds, and a temporary home to groups of scientists and researchers who work in several small stations that are supplied by the Marion Dufresne.

A person in yellow rain gear walks among thousands of penguins on a beach.
A scientist walks among thousands of King penguins on Île de la Possession, part of the Crozet Islands, on December 20, 2022. The Crozet Islands are home to multiple species of penguins, fur seals, and southern elephant seals. ( Patrick Hertzog / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 5 Jan 2023 | 8:18 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Confetti Test, Food Battle, Glowing Waterfall (35 photos)

A moment of peace on Ukraine’s front line, a Boxing Day hunt in England, scootering across a dry riverbed in China, beach cleaning in Bali, frozen structures along the Great Lakes, a forest fire in Chile, colorful ice sculptures in China, yacht racing in Australia, and much more

Sunlight passes through a natural arch on a seashore.
Sunlight passes through Keyhole Arch during sunset at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California, on December 24, 2022. ( Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 30 Dec 2022 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

2022 Seen Through the Lens of Emilio Morenatti (31 photos)

Emilio Morenatti, the Associated Press’s chief photographer for Spain and Portugal, has spent the past year documenting important news stories across Europe. Morenatti, who is based in Barcelona, covered drought conditions in Spain, made several trips to Ukraine before and during the Russian invasion, documented the aftermath of wildfires in Catalonia, photographed mourners paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, and much more. Below, in roughly chronological order, is a look at some of the stories brought to us through Morenatti’s lens in 2022.

A father stands outside a train, reaching his hand up to his young son and wife, seen through a train window.
Stanislav, 40, says goodbye to his son David, 2, and his wife Anna, 35, on a train to Lviv at the Kyiv station, Ukraine, on March 3. 2022. Stanislav is staying to fight the Russian invasion while his family is leaving the country to seek refuge in a neighboring country. ( Emilio Morenatti / AP)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 29 Dec 2022 | 6:56 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Frosty Countryside, Christmas Train, Santa Visit (35 photos)

Ice-skating in England, a bearskin parade in Romania, whirling dervishes in Turkey, sheep mustering in New Zealand, welcoming the winter solstice in Ireland, a live nativity performance in Slovenia, Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, and much more

An elephant seal is surrounded by penguins.
An elephant seal is surrounded by penguins on Possession Island, part of the Crozet Islands, an archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean, on December 20, 2022. ( Patrick Hertzog / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 23 Dec 2022 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

Photos: Argentina’s World Cup Victory Celebration (20 photos)

After Argentina’s national football team beat France’s 4–2 on penalties in Qatar, winning their third World Cup title, they returned to Buenos Aires to attend a victory celebration, planning to tour the streets of the city in an open bus. Millions of fans gathered in the streets and squares to cheer for their treasured team led by captain Lionel Messi. But the huge number of people exceeded expectations, and security concerns led organizers to cancel the parade early and evacuate the team by helicopter, disappointing supporters across the city.

A huge crowd of fans jams up against a bus carrying Argentina's soccer team.
The Argentine national soccer team—winners of the World Cup—rides in an open bus during their homecoming parade in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 20, 2022. ( Rodrigo Abd / AP)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 22 Dec 2022 | 7:03 am(NZT)

2022: The Year in Volcanic Activity (25 photos)

Out of an estimated 1,350 active volcanoes worldwide, about 45 have continuing eruptions, and about 80 erupt each year, spewing steam, ash, toxic gases, and lava. In 2022, erupting volcanoes included the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, Mount Anak Krakatau in Indonesia, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai in Tonga, Mauna Loa in Hawaii, Mount Etna in Sicily, Shiveluch volcano in Russia, and more. Collected below are scenes from the wide variety of volcanic activity on Earth over the past year.

A nighttime view of lava spewing from the top of a volcano and flowing down its slopes.
Fuego volcano, as seen from Alotenango, a municipality in the Sacatepequez department 65 kilometers southwest of Guatemala City, erupts on December 11, 2022. ( Johan Ordonez / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 20 Dec 2022 | 7:17 am(NZT)

Photos of the Week: Frosty Morning, Meteor Shower, Surfing Santa (35 photos)

The successful splashdown of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, a candlelit procession in Jerusalem, a 100-million-year-old fossil in Australia, an oil spill in rural Kansas, scenes from the World Cup in Qatar, tornado destruction in Louisiana, a war-damaged church in Ukraine, and much more

A person plays a piano outside on a foggy day, near a large concrete monument.
Lithuanian pianist Darius Majintas plays music by the Ukrainian composer Valentin Sylvestrov near a monument on the Kremyanets mountain in Izyum, Kharkiv region, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on December 13, 2022. ( Sergey Bobok / AFP / Getty)

Source: The Atlantic Photo | 16 Dec 2022 | 6:30 pm(NZT)

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